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What am I missing


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I don't see any red flags in the description. It might be the Oslo location that has potential bidders hesitant.

If this was an item I was searching for, I think I'd probably want to have some communication with the seller to make sure I was comfortable. The seller requires paypal, so you have some recourse there if needed.

Usually if an ebay account has been hijacked, the "seller" has an alternate email in the description. Don't know if there is a way this person might have hiijacked the account and made changes so the communications would go to the scammer.

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Boy, that looks nice, Josh! Other than a missing anti-skate weight (and maybe another part on the arm), it does look pretty incredible. He did indeed have it listed for higher (in completed auctions). Still, you never know...

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Very nice!

The 220V/50Hz thing would make me nervous, but maybe afficianados of European turntables have solved that problem. It's only 15W so I suppose you could use a little converter that lets you an electric razor anywhere in the world. Would it spew out lots of 50Hz, and odd harmonics thereof, that would get into your cartridge and wiring?


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Local pick-up only. how far away is Norway?

Read the fine print:

Shipping to US aprox. $180

Shipping to Europe aprox. $60

(Standar Norwegian Post service. 5-14 days, incl insurance)


Read the fine print, my eye! I can hardly read LARGE print at my age!
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