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RT10 /RT12


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I don't see many folks running the RT10d or the RT12 on this forum. I have my eye on a cherry RT10 d for 799.00 about 1k off list.

My local dealer does not have them hooked up- in boxes only- so I can't listen to one.

What is the general consensus on these models? Pricey but nice reviews in the magazines for whatever that's worth.

Do these need to be placed in corners? I was told(by someone selling them) that it does not matter where they are in the room.

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I got an RT10 from vanns.com for 799. i could not be happier. it can handle sound below audible levels and fills my room with great sounds. i replaced a sub 12 with it and it was a huge improvement. hope that helps.

as for other brand subs, i have not tryed any.


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Falcon20x seems to get all the good deals, so maybe you should ask him.[:)]

I would suggest logging onto the used hardware forum here at Klipsch, Audiogon, eBay, and send a PM to Falcon20x. He may have an extra one laying around that he might part with. I am just guessing since he buys and sells equipment like you and I change underwear.

The used equipment forum her at Klipsch is probably your best bet. You can get emails sent to you with updates every day. It is a lot of email, but a great way to get a good deal, IMO.

Happy Holidays and good luck with your search. Your patience will pay big dividends once you find one.

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I just joined this site so I'm just telling you what I heard a couple of weeks ago while visiting an audio store. I heard a def tech (definitive technology) supercube 1 against an RT 10 and the def tech in my opinion blew away the rt. They list for around 1200, but I'm searching and have seen a couple under a thousand. I think you have to listen to them and decide, we all like different things.

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