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RS v. RB as rears in 5.1 setup question


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Would surround speakers be significantly better as rears than RB-5's?

is vaulted ceiling, from 8 to 12' peak, and is a rectangle that's
partly open on one end and has a short wall due to hallway on the open
end. The end by the kitchen has a wall with a door-sized opening in
the center leading into the kitchen. But the wall is only about 8'
high whereas the ceiling at that point is about 11' high; therefore
there's a gap along the entire top of the wall as well.


| Couch |


| <--closed wall opens to kitchen --->

| T.V. |

|_________________________________________________ |



dimensions are 12' wide (couch to T.V.) by approx. 20' along the long
wall. The short wall isn't fully usable because the front door opens
from the closed wall inward onto it. So there is only about 11' of
usable wall in which to place speakers etc.

Hope I wasn't too confusing! [:$] Thanks in advance for any advice. [:)]
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I have had systems with both direct firing and wide dispersion rear surrounds. I now have a 7.1 system with wide dispersion surrounds both side and rear, I have found that for home theater I like the wide dispersion surround speakers as it fills the room with effects and does not have a strong image as to where the sound is coming from. I believe it creates a more natural realistic effect.

I prefer to listen to music with 2.1 channel, if you want to listen to multi-channel music using your surround speakers direct firing speakers would be the best choice.

Here is my current system.


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