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Chorus II and Eico HF-81


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Hi guys! I'd like to get your opinion. I can purchase a pair of Chorus II's locally for a good price. My amp , however is an EICO-HF81 that only puts out 14 wpc. Would these be a good match, or do the Chorus simply need more power?

I've read some posts where a member here hooked up the Chorus to a T-amp and said it was a most awful listening experience. Would that be the case ehere as well due to the 14 wpc?

Any help is appreciated...thanks!!

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...then Kelly left!

And man was that a relief.... I no longer have to get Kelly's okay for parts selection on rebulding the rats nests [;)]

The HF-81 if working properly will mate just fine with Chorus speakers... The problem with HF-81 in general is milleage varies by thousands of miles depending on the talent of the original builder.


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I just wrote a big long inspired response, then accidentally hit something and it disappeared, and now I am too lazy to recreate it. I hate when that happens. Long story short, HF-81+Cornwalls=good for small group jazz, too bright for me with big brass etc. at higher volumes. Was the inspiration for building my overkill Altec 4-way towers tri tube-amped with E. Xver. Also a hats off to Craig of NOS who through his tenacity, thoroughness, and pragmatism found an original mistake in the wiring that was well hidden in the rats nest and fixed the thing and did some upgrading.

HF-81 + Crnwalls = surprisingly great bass response!

It is a quaint vintage relic with all kinds of silly knobs that few girlfriends would want to mess with.

(its all yours fini.....)


ps. Mark, the reason I still have it is, as you know, I live in an audio Black Hole, nothing ever escapes out of here.....

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Hey now don't misunderstand no one said the HF-81 could not sound good. When you get a good one it can be a real nice performer. My rats nest statements are from the many headaches I have went through to try and make them sound good. The amp is not easy to get repeat performances out of simple because it filled the very low end of the home built kit market $ wise. Some folks that should of never owned a soldering iron let alone turn one on worked on many of those HF-81's. Then factor in the loons that keep using them and using them in original condition until the power transformer starts humming, buzzing and turning into molten iron....because they sound so euphoric that way.......


My Favs...

Money no object...the Scott 296 above all others 6L6GC dual rectified heavy beast. Then the large output transformer version of the Scott 299B..... For Fisher's the X-202 series... They're really are so many to choose from that do wonderfully for the $ spent.

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C'Mon now...I put the winking smilie... I think I lucked out in that mine was built by an engineer and then rebuilt by you when it needed freshening...after only 48 years...[:D]

...As for amps...I have got to hear some of those others...thnaks for sharing...how 'bout you Mark...


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