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Albums - free to download.


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There was a post in the 'Right This Minute' thread with a link to an album which is totally free to download, released by the artist into the wild; and free of copy restrictions:

Check this out then : Peter Chilvers - Free. It really is free from http://www.peterchilvers.com/index.php


I (and probably others) would be interested in links to any other albums freely available for download; any other artist, any other style. It's a convenient method to try before buying. Sometimes it's the only way to hear the album as thanks to the 'net some albums never get distributed through a label.

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Glad you liked it. Nine Inch Nails have awesome product for free (http://nin.com) Firstly their latest album"The Slip" -


Plus volume 1 of their 4 volume set "Ghosts" is free too. And the whole set is only $5 for 2 hours of music -


If you join their remix forum (free) you can get to download stem mixes from their material & make your own remixes, lotsa fun for Mac GarageBand users.

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Crawdawn - Earth, Wind, and Whatever. You can download it here. Click on the "releases" section. This is actually pretty darn good - pretty much some straight-up power metal.

Stormental - Stormental: You can download it from this page.


There full EP (Unleashing the Madness) is also available for download from that page as well.


This is some pretty good, solid prog metal.

I know there are others out there, but darn if I can remember where. I've had seen other bands offer albums for downloads, such as Crescent Shield's Last of my Kind, but only to find out they put in a voice over on top of the actual track, i.e., "this is the second track off of Crescent Shield's new album", essentially wrecking the music. Ended up getting the album off of eMusic anyway, as I did like the music. Also there was a rumor, but I have no way of confirm this, that the band Gates of Winter put an "official" leak of thier album Lux Aeterna out on torrent. Again, I have no way of proving this is indeed true, so I am not going to suggest people go out and download it willy-nilly (and if they do and like the album, at least buy the darn thing). BTW, that album does kick some serious *** though.

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