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using two center chennels one front one rear


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Are u saying no way to two centers why wont it work?

Read this....


That link is to a thread where somebody was trying to use two center channel speakers up front, which I agree probably is not a good idea. However, this particular thread, the guy is asking if it is possible to use two center channel speakers, but one for the front and one for the rear as in a 6.1 configuration. My own setup is configured exactly this way, in a 6.1 setup, and I think it works very well (in my case I have two RC-7s, one up front and one in the rear). I see no reason why the orginal poster could not try it, with his KLF-C7 up front and his RC-3 II in the rear, provided his receiver supports such a configuration (if it is a recent model, it should).

To the original poster:

You will need to hook up the rear RC-3 to one of the rear surround channels, typically the left one (refer to your user's manual), and in the setup menus of the reciever, indicate that you only have one rear center speaker (a 6.1 setup, not two in a 7.1 configuration). I don't know what model reciever you have, but you probably need to look in your users manual to see how to set it up as a 6.1 setup. This is, of course, you have a fairly recent model of reciever (not an old Pro-Logic reciever, but one that supports Dolby Digital 7.1)

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If your receiver is capable of a 6.1 output then you can use a single speaker as a rear surround instead of a pair of them. If yours is and you want to do that, I would use the KLF-C7 as your front center speaker and the RC-3II as the rear surround.

If you're trying to hook both of them up to your single center speaker output and have one in front and one in back....Posted Image

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