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Big Valley Media Store on Amazon


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I saw the "other" amazon.com thread, where the guy was trying to retire with the sale of one XRCD.

Here is a Amazon.com Store where you won't get burned: BIG VALLEY MEDIA

I "met" this seller when he had some music listed on my local Craigslist for sale. Turns out he lives a few blocks away from me. He is a Music Collector and is one of the most honest people I have ever done business with and very knowledgeable about what he does. As others have said, when a business is good, we like to tell our friends. Well, I have bought many CD's and LP's off of Richard and I could not be happier. If he says it is in "new/mint" condition, it is! He actually deducted $'s off of a CD because the "Book" had a small "dent" in it! [:o] You don't find honesty like that everyday!

I just wanted to mention this "Honest Seller" who has some rare and great music for sale. I in no way get a commission or benefit in anyway from his sales. I did tell him I was going to mention his store on this forum. So, if you want to mention "Dennie sent me or you heard about him on the Klipsch forum", that would be fine. Hey, maybe we can get a "Klipsch Forum Discount". He is bringing some music over for me to buy on Wednesday, I will have to mention that! [;)]


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