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Your input would be very much appreciated:

Found this pre-amp. What do you think? Sure looks good!

Click here

Sorry to be such a pain - you are now my one stop shop for tube solutions...


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Well, it does look like another 12AX7 circuit. This appears to be a nice little preamp, especially for the money. I wouldnt expect earth shattering performance but it should be good. One thing I DO like a lot and something that is not seen on many preamps (or amps for that matter) these days is the tube rectification. Most tend to go with solid state rectification which is much cheaper to implement; I just dont think it sounds as natural. It can be done properly with HEXFREDs/snubber in amps but even then, I somehow ALWAYS gravitate towards amps with a tube rectified power supply. This piece is built to a price point. How much is that buy it now price? I didnt convert to USD. The unit will have some shipping involved since from Hong Kong. Also, I have never seen this unit. Still, based on the site and the pics, looks like an ok piece. They didnt go all out on parts but nothing is really bad in there. It surely is appealing looking, which is always important to me (a side note here: When are we going to see the end to the term "WAF" or "wife appreciation factor?" To me, this is the biggest bunk and I sag whenever I see it. First of all, if the average jackolope male cant appreciate aethetics and appearance in a piece of gear, furniture, design, then he should be soundly beaten about the head and shoulders with a bag of change! Obviously, the performance and function of the article/piece is of paramount importance; but I find the layout and aethetics to be a VERY important factor in everything, whether it be audio, furnishings, archetecture etc. This notion that "men just like the patent leather recliner" is tiring at best. The sad thing is most women also have the aethetics of a bad "Better Home & Gardens" magazine as they clutter and nic nac with junkets, bad curtains, ceramic dogs, and anything else of questionable taste.

Ok, enough of that mess... As for the preamp, perhaps it is worth a try. Not very expensive. I have found I like the 6SN7 based line stages but that unit is surely a nice little piece. I dig the rectified approach and the chassis. It is ultimately up to you, however. Might be worth a little gamble at that price. What is your price range for a preamp?


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