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I need a BIG tv! Anyone checked out projectors?


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I'm happy with my sytem but I need a bigger tv. I have a sony 32" right now, but a home theater isn't a home theater till you have the picture. What I would like to add is a projector, this would be for strictly movie watching so the life expectancy isn't that big of a deal, i'll use the 32 for normal viewing. Here's the problem, I have no way of going to check one out I live in ND. I would like to hear from you guys who do have one or know of somebody who does.

My budget is max of 5,000 for projector and screen, would prefer to spend less by buying used or b stock. Any takers on this one? Any input would be helpfull.

Klipsch references on the round.

Sony gear thru & thru

15" & 12" subs a bumpin

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The best place I've found for projectors is


I had a NEC LT150 for a while and even with a home made screen the picture was great.The LT150 can be had for about $2500 or less.The 106"screen was curtain material(Black out)the stuff you use to black out any light.

The LT is HDTV ready,just feed it.It weighs about 3.3lbs.

Check out AVS,help is there.do a search on the LT150 and any other projectors and find a lot of help


Main HT:'77 Klipschorns w/ALKs,

'75 Heresy center,modified with,K-Horn sqauwker & AA network.

KSP-S6 at sides

2 KSP-S6's rear.

Denon AVR-3801

2 Denon POA-2800 200X2

1 driving the Horns

1 driving the bi-wired Heresy center.

2 DIY 12"4ohm subs,Carver A500x 400 watts per ch.feed.

Sony DVP-C650D.

Dishnetwork Echostar 4700 w/DD


Pioneer CDL-D501 laser

Music in "Direct"only!

DH Labs T-14 speaker wire to the front 3.

Room size;15.5 X 25' opening into dining room.

Old RCA 52"RPTV w/matching cabinets

Bed room HT:

KSB 2.1 mains,SC-1,SS-1's,2 SW 8 II subs.

Cornwall Is for music only

Denon AVR-2800,

Dishnetwork,Sony SLV-975HF VCR,Panasonic DVD-RV31.


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boa,from what I have read at AVS,those screens take away from the picture.Not that they don't work,just expensive and not as great a picture as one would want.That is coming from someone that used a curtian liner for a screen,but for $30 it looked as good as a friends $300 Da-Lite with the same projector.

Just my opinion

You know the "want"thing,it never leaves you alone.Not for very long anyway.cwm35.gif

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I just bought the Mitsu 47". Although their were several prospectives that in my opinion were very good tv's. If its going to be a projection tv here are the brands you should stick with:

Mitusbushi, Hitachi, Toshiba and Pioneer.(not in that order)

Ive found these four to have the best picture quality and very competitive prices. Sony makes good tube tvs but I would stray from their projection's. RCA GE SAMSUNG PANASONIC and SHARP were not up to par with the others as far as quality but can offer a better price tag. (panasonic is the best out of the low end brand's).

Regards Monty

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Yeah boah, excellent points, the rf'3's and the center channel do pose a problem, I'm sitting with a 100"x53" available screen size without interfereing with the rf-3's, , my stuff is recessed between a gas fireplace and opossing wall so I can't distance my speakers to set the screen between them. With a small amount of work though I could set the center channel at the same higth as the rf-3's horns. (where I eventually want it anyway) One other thing though is I think I would have to put my projecter at 11 feet (distance-ceilingmount) because of the way my HT room is setup. Anyone see problems with that?

Thanks 4 the link steve p very helpfull!,just checked it out and alot of info to soak-in.

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screen size/'throw distance' are very important considerations when choosing a projector. different projectors require different distance-from-screen ranges for a specific screen size. also consider:

1.projector brightness/control of ambient light level of room. my xv-z1u is only 350 ansi lumens, but makes a really good picture in controlled (darkened) room.

2.positioning:not all projectors have the capability to be ceiling mounted (inverted).lens-center-to-top/bottom of screen and keystone correction should be considered

3.connectivity/hd-compatability: at the price i got my projector at i wasn't concerned about not having hd compatability, besides,my 36" sony can handle that. this should be taken into account for those of you considering a proj./screen

4.screen 'gain'/format: i chose 4:3 for both my tv and proj./screen. even though i'm a fan of widescreen format, at least half of what i watch is 4:3, and i don't like the picture geometry distortion (squashing)to make 4:3 fill 16:9; on the other hand, if your 4:3 tv/screen is large enough, you still get the entire 16:9 picture that's big enough, and the black border at the top and bottom of the picture doesn't bother me compared to 4:3 'squashing'

i used a roll-down vinyl window shade-rough side out as a temp screen. i like my sharpvision pull-down movie screen just fine,the edges don't curl, and it has a black frame for the picture. i was considering a VERY expensive thx-cert.perforated screen,but i'm glad i saved ALOT and sized my screen to accomodate my speaker position/viewing distance

go to 'first attempt at ht pix' by avman and 'here's one more' in the home theater section for more ideas.



1-pair klf 30's

c-7 center

ksps-6 surrounds

RSW-15 in the house!!

sony strda-777ES receiver upgraded to v.2.02 including virtual matrix 6.1

sony playstation 2

sony dvpnc 650-v 5-disc dvd/cd/SACD changer

dishnetwork model 7200 dishplayer satellite receiver/digital bitstream recorder

sony kv36xbr450 high-definition 4:3 tv

sharp xv-z1u lcd projector w/84" 4:3 sharp screen

Bello'international Italian-made a/v furniture

panamax max dbs+5 surge protector/power conditioner

monster cable and nxg interconnects/12 gua.speaker wire

KLIPSCH-So Good It Hz!

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