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Any women on this forum?


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I have been meaning to ask this question for a while: How many women are on this forum? Even though I am a guy, I realize that this is, like cars, a male dominated hobby. My guess is over 95% of the people on this forum are guys. Anyway, just a question, its hard to tell from screen names and the content of posts. I intend no illness to come from this post, just an innocent question:-)

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Anyway: (caps lock OFF)

"NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS" - Thats fine, but don't be a you-know-what about it. It's not like the web master will delete any female's forum account upon gaining the knowledge that the person is a woman or a ladies post will get no responses. Oh, isn't there a little biological thing about guys "liking" women!? (thats NOT a gay joke, but a point.)

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This Smile.gif - was put at the end of my response to let you know I was kidding.

I took a shot at your tube question in '2 channel Audio' - good luck on your quest.



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No hard feelings deangSmile.gif

Too me, "none of your business" is a worse insult than f*** off, but I don't take ANYTHING sereously, I was just trying to fan the flames of a good forum chatSmile.gif

chuckears: WTF is that all about!? Can we see you on TV, or is it an Ohio thing?

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KRB has a good question.

There have been few female in this hobby overall.

For the most part, females don't seem to be interested in reproduced music.

On the other hand, there are many female performers of music in all areas.


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Play nice Smile.gif tblasing, I was JUST asking what his playing a woman on TV was all about. Think of Ralphy in the Simpsons Those Berries Taste Like Burning, its just one of those off the walls comments that begs for a follow up. I dont know if chuckears has read my question yet, so lets all wait and see if he has a witty and sensible reply to it, hey, we all need to make a living, so I will be the LAST person on this forum to make fun of someones job. Also, that triple period after the post MEANS that there is more, possibly much more. Hey, were all here for a good time, eh?

Oh, my house is made from lots of very thin glass, thank you...

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No, thats OK.

I actually like Ohio. My girlfriend is from Ohio, and also partsexpress.com. I have lived in California (San Diego, Los Angles, and the Bay Area) and I would choose Nevada ANYDAY, Californias got nothing on Nevada. There are very few states I have a problem with, mostly the ones on the far Left (politically, not geography.) I will probably end up moving to the Mid-West in the next five years, so I keep an open mind about the grain states (I mean that in a nice way!)

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The first audio geek I ever met was a chick, when I was in 5th grade, 1975?

She was a Turntable nut.

She eventually turned into a Lesbian, but that's kinda beside the point, she was into audio before coming out of the closet.

Extremely cool person, IMHO, I went to my first concert

with her and my stepbrother, Foghat.

Audio is kind of a boy's toys kind of thing, like muscle cars, you know the old term, 'The one with the biggest toys wins'.

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Mike, are you saying there is a common demoninator between turntables/Lesbians?

Reminds me of the guy that hit on two women at a bar.One said 'we're lesbians,we like p*$$y'.The guy says 'Hey,I must be a lesbian,too!

Don't know about mobile.But I'm a lesbian.And I don't even have a turntable!


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For the record, (ahem), the playing-a-woman-on-tv comment was a take-off of a series of commercials several years ago for some sort of over-the-counter medication ("I'm not a doctor, but I play one on tv...").

I do not now, nor have I ever, cross-dressed for television cameras. For my wife, now that's another matter...

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Hey chuckears, thats no fun, you could have at least made somthing up.

Hmmm, a lesbian conversation could get really interesting. However, I don't see the tie between turntables and lesbians.

Has ANYONE on this forum said that they are a lady yet? Just wondering, oh, no lesbian jokes if you say your a lady, thats a COMPLEATLY different topic.

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John0392, you are getting some great advice here from folks who have built great systems by starting a little bit at a time. Don't be afraid to post what you need on this Forum... there are a lot of Klipschers who are on the upward climb and will likely sell you something that they are about to upgrade... something that will please you and your pocketbook.

For example, I posted "Horn Ed needs a KLF C7" and within 72 hours I picked one up from a Klipsch Board member just 8 miles from my house at a tremendous savings in base price and freight. And that's the fourth time I have bought Klipsch speakers that way... although a couple did require shipping. And, frankly, I have no hassle paying cash at the local dealer (as he will readily tell you)... but there is a certain adventure to putting it together a piece at a time.

T-man's right about not saying your done... even to yourself... like "stuff" happens! Fortunately a lot of it can be good "stuff" if you follow a well reasoned and orderly plan.

While the center is the most important speaker in 5.1, dropping back to a phantom channel puts that center speaker load on your two mains... and you will have better sound and imaging that you might realize... particularly in a smaller room. It is better to have a good Phantom than an under-whelming Real Center. Four used Klipsch speakers of similar characteristics, with the center set to phantom (no center), and a reasonably good sub will bring you and your partner a wealth of enjoyment... at the least amount of money.

Sometimes you can get fabulous speaker deals on "open box" specials... just have them demonstrated before you leave the store. I bought an "Open Box" pair of KLF-30's from a dealer for a little over $500... and repaired a slight defect in a couple of hours... by simply knowing what to do. The nice thing about this Forum is that if you get an opportunity like that... you can ask how to do it... and chances are you will have some quality answers in a day or two.

Keep your focus on what really fits and what really sounds good together... rather than whether they are old or new... make it a cost effective adventure that you both can enjoy... rather than your personal obsession... and better days and happy ears are sure to follow. Be cool...cwm35.gif HornEd

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