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happy birthday paul

bodcaw boy

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From the Klipsch Cafe E-menue today...

Hey Kids (Klipsch Employees)

In Honor of the 105th anniversary of the birth of Paul W. klipsch we have a little birthday cake down here in the Café for you to enjoy… (Come & get it while it lasts)


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Yes, thanks for all this machinery that makes music Mr. Paul! [:D]

I hope there's not many people in the building who say 'who's PWK?', that would be a shame. See ya on Wed Trey!

Great job on the PWK logo- is JJ the 'cake lady'?

I hope they're having cake in HOPE! That's where it all started.


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Happy Birthday PWK!

The world is a better place for all your contributions to many fields and for always being yourself. And that's without even mentioning how much better the world sounds.

Nice cake!

So who get's/got the BS Button from the cake? Or who's bold enought to cut out the BS Button might be a better question...

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