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sound found home bound (MAC CHEAP!!)


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What luck i had at an estate sale. A MAC 1900 w/an aiwa dual well cassette and a Benjamin Miracord tt.. When we got it home we discovered that the FM section was non functional. Even though this unit was in a smoking home, the gush hit me. The system was marked l

ess than two hundred dollars and we agreed on FIFTY. After sending the unit off i sat back and continued to enjoy the Yamaha M-40 amp w/C-60 preamp. Well, one of the channels disappeared so out came the 1900.. As soon as the music started the veil was lifted. WHAT FANTISTIC MUSIC!!! bob will not go out and have the yamaha repaired. Instead, bob will continue to hunt for these sales where people do not know what they have for sale. All told this one find took ten years and many many garage sales and estate sales. (CHORUS I)

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I don't get it...you put up with mediocrity for 10 years until you didn't have to really invest anything to get slightly better than mediocrity.

And this is a good thing?

I value good sound too much to put myself through that kind of agony.



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