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Bob Carver is at it again~


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I just love Bob's point to point wiring, some of the best looking you will ever see which should also be an indicator of just how good these babies soundWink

Read the auction; it's actually "Tubular Joe" who builds the amps & does the point to point soldering~

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Just as I had started to understand the pros and cons of transformer cores such as amorphous cores; M3, M4 & M6 silicon steel cores; and nickel alloy cores, Bob then describes an “adamantine” steel core. The main reference I could find for adamantine steel was that “in the 1950s movie Forbidden Planet the character 'Edward Morbius' refers to structures that the 'Krell Civilization' created that were made of 'Adamantine Steel'." I also found a reference in the “Earth Times” that a “revolutionary ‘steel Velcro’ type of fastener system made from adamantine steel may be useful in a range of settings, including hospitals and the aviation industry, according to a team of German scientists.” Given that 'adamantine steel' seems to be more a rhetorical reference, I guess the steel used in the core that Bob selected for the transformers will remain a mystery??? From the Q&A’s and feedback, it does seem like people really enjoy these amps.

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I think Bob is a really neat character in the audio world. His amps are beautiful. But...........

If you have high efficiency speakers such as Klipsch horns I just can't image why you would ever need or would be willing to pay for tube amps in the 180 watts per channel class. I guess I still have so much to learn in this hobby.

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My Carver M1.0t is a joy. It is the workhorse in the family room. Runs cool. Sound is sublime.

The M-1.5t sounds incredible as well. I prefer its sound to anything else I have heard on Chorus IIs. The M1.0t is also great. I use it for power on my sub-woofers right now so the sound is not heard, but the clean power is much appreciated.

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FYI regarding "adamantine steel"directly from Bob Carver's mouth:

The first time I ever heard the expression Adamantine steel
was as a young child when I watched the classic science fiction movie,
“Forbidden Planet”, the screen adaptation of William Shakespeare’s “The
Tempest”. William Shakespeare loved Adamantine steel. It appeared in
several of his plays, most notably “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” in which a
sword of Adamantine steel was crafted. In recent times my use of the
expression Adamantine steel derived not from the Fantastic Four comic
book, rather the Conan comic book in which the minor wizard Xolotan
(sp?) crafted a beautiful sword of Adamantine steel. The most enduring
image I have of Adamantine steel is when the Krell monster from the Id
of “Forbidden Planet” broke through an impenetrable steel door crafted
of Adamantine steel. It seems that more than one audiophile has used the
Krell of Shakespeare’s forbidden planet to define something regarding

In truth, Adamantine steel is an actual steel
developed early in our century (I think in the 1930’s or 1940’s) to
define the hardest steel known to man. And it still is. At least as
early as 1952, U.S. Steel had a catalog including Adamantine steel with
a hardness rating at the top of the list of all the steels it produced.

I chose the Krell Adamantine steel for my output transformers
because to this day it is the hardest steel known to humankind. And the
harder the steel, the lower the induced eddy currents and the better the

As for designing this amplifier without true
science, using only the language of audiophiles severely misses the
mark. It’s not possible to design an amplifier at this level of
performance without extensive use of physics, science, and mathematics.
To believe otherwise exposes one’s own knowledge to be of a meager and
shallow kind.

A final word. Since I invented these output transformers, I get to call them anything I want.

Bob Carver

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I was searching for information on how to convert a HK Citation II to the Tung-sol ST120 tube and found this favorable review of the Bob Carver Cherry 180 tube mono block amplifers. It looks like Bob's new tube amplifer business venture is gaining some momentum.


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