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The photos get the jobdone. But yeah they really can't do these justice. I know, as I have a pair of Heresies that Marshall resurrected in the same finish (I think) and they are very nice. [8][8][:D][8][8] SWMBO even commented that they looked nice.

Another aboslutely stunning restoration! But I guess we expect that now.

Hoping I can make it over to visit the "Wall Of Voodoo" for a couple of hours in April when I'll be within a reasonable drive.


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Awesome Marshall! Absolutely beautiful. Another set of children rescued from the land of misfits. Dead and dying Heritage speakers must be calling your name through their dusty throats. Seriously, they're gorgeous, you've got mad skills mang. [Y]

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"make sure the wires are ready for stripping."

usually I buy them a few beers first, then they're ready for the stripping!

Great photo essay there Marshall. I always enjoy reading and studying your restoration efforts. I'm jealous of your skills in this department. One day perhaps I could be your trusty henchman for a week?


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One day perhaps I could be your trusty henchman for a week?

Ooh. Learning from the master. That'd be cool.

Maybe you can stow away on our Spring Break trip? We end up within about 2 hours of Marshall's compound and the "Wall of Voodoo".

Probably be a hard sell to SWMBO and SWMBOiT2 (SWMBO in training 2 - youngest and 2nd daughter, SWMBOiT1 has class now that she's in college). SWMBOiT2 is also bringing a friend.

I'm sure I'd enjoy roadtripping with Michael.... the family? Probably once they'd get to know him.

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