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Fallout 3


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Well I don’t know how many people use there PS3 for gamming but if you do check out Fallout 3.

This is one of the most unique games I have ever played, you can go almost anywhere and do almost anything. The graphics are good the story line is wild (in a good way) and overall the game is huge (no chance of finishing it I a week)

Its kind of a RPG meets 1st or 3rd person shooter, there is tons of action and a lot of side missions.

Overall this is probably the best game I have played on the PS3

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Just finished it for a second time (played the evil role this time) I am done with this game.

I wish more games were this involved and just as long, I had no problem spending the $65 on it, well worth it for sure.

I might pick up the expansion packs in a few months just for something new.

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this is one of the only games that kept me interested long enough to finish. i put way too many hours into my first play though. i had to get all of those trophies!!! i havent bought any of the add on packs for it yet.

it's just one of those games you can get lost in.

if you havent played it, it's a must play.

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Invested a fair amount of time(too much) on this one, games like these and the new in home 3D technology, make the risk of a permanent break from reality great.

Something for every type of gamer in this one.

Lots of references to classic, post-apocolypse movies, for us film buffs too!

I wandered away from the storyline a bit and just went exploring and then got busy with other things.

Maybe when I finish Uncharted 2 or C.O.D. I'll make my return.

Who knows, with all my speaker buying, business slidin', perhaps I'll have plenty of "spare" time to dedicate to it again soon!LOL

Wonder how big a TV I can wedge into a La Scala bin, since I'll be living out of one soon at the rate I'm going.

Funny, since I got the PS3, my gaming time has dropped off quite a bit, even though they are some of the best games and graphics ever.

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If anyone cares, there is supposed to be a new Fallout game released later this year. It's going to be called Fallout: New Vegas. I watched the game trailer on youtube a couple weeks ago.

I can't wait for this thing to come out[:D]

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Talk about bang for your buck!

A brief diversion for a couple of other titles, then wrapped up the main game, but found I was hungry for more without wanting to start a fresh game so have moved through the DLC of Broken Steel, then Point Lookout and just about to wrap up The Pitt.

I may do the other two at some point, but they were not reviewed as highly.

I even picked up a used copy of Oblivion IV(same engine/developer) and the add on disc, as I have enjoyed this type of time killing gameplay so much, I am ready to put a feather in my geek cap and return to nerdy D&D places.

Just to keep me busy(no life) until Red Dead comes out.

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