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RB-5II opinions


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Hello again,

OK, what do yall think about the RB-5II's? Are they just the best damn speakers you can get, or is there somthing better for the money? I really want to get somthing new, and I need to place them on a desk, so floor-standers are out, for now... I will be using them with a dual 15" sub, so I am ONLY buying the speakers for mid and treble. I listen to lots of electronic music, so crispness and precision are the key, and from what I have gathered, the Klipsch's, and the horns are ideal for that.

ALSO, for the same price, I could get some JBL M212 professional 12", 2-way speakers, but I don't think they would sound as good as the Klipsch's.




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I bought the RB5-IIs back in October (along with the RC3-II center, RS3-II surrounds & KSW12 sub). Fantastic sound, great for home theater & for listening to music. I've been getting back into my CD collection (classic rock, jazz, blues, country & classical) and doing alot of listening in stereo setting. I originnally had my RB5s sitting on a couple of plastic milk crates with a piece of plywood on the crates just to get the speakers off the floor. I thought that sounded real good (compared to my 20 year "old" Bose 601s). Today I got a pair of Sanus 24" stands & put the RB5s on them - Whoa!!! Big difference. I'm waiting for my wife to leave the house again so I can crank those babies up. So - my 2 cents - I love the RB5s & highly recommend them.



Not Too Old To Rock 'N' Roll

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I have the RB-3's and I play hide and seek with them all the time. More often than not, I find myself saying to it: "I see you baby..."

I guess that Nina Storey marketing campaign really worked... Anyhow, I love them, Crystal clear highs and tight bass. The best bookshelves I've ever owned. The RB-5's will go a bit lower, the crossovers are different, but they are a similar design so they probably sound similar. Get em. They rock. Just don't expect them to carry a full range load. If used without a sub, you will be missing the lows.



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I have the RB-5s but not the II version...MTC...great speakers! if the II versions have improved on something they should be absolutely amazing! watch out for the rear port though it can spoil a bookshelf instalation, these babies like to be away fromthe back wall!...warm regards, tony

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All I can say is I love mine. I don't think you can find a better bookshelf for anywhere under $2000. maybe even more. Klipsch is also marketing these as nearfield monitors in recording studios... awsome!


RF-3's : mains

RC-3 : center

RS-3's : surrounds

KSW-12: subwoofer

Receiver: Denon 2801

DVD: Panasonic DVD-A120

CD: Yamaha CDC-765

Cables: Tributaries

Sat Receiver: Hughes Direct-TV DD5.1


Family room:

RB-5's (Mahogony)

Receiver: Denon AVR-2000 (2ch.)

Amp: Onkyo M-5000 (2ch.)

CD Player: Yamaha

DVD: Sony DVP-NS300


Outdoor system:

Amp: Onkyo A8067

Tuner: Onkyo T4057

CD: old Sony

Outdoor speakers: Klipsch HS-2

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I have only heard the origonal I have had for 2 years.

Agrreed I keep mine 2 feet from the back wall: I damn near always agree with Tony.

I cannot expect the II would be a disapointment.

Sara Mc Clachlan is whispering in my ear right now through my RB5s; it is reasonably stimulating.

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