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cna yuo raed tihs? olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can

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That is why many people find grammatical errors so irritating. The use of there i/o their, your i/o you're, etc. causes the reader to stop to analyze what really is being said. Editors exist for that very reason. Publishers don't want to annoy there readers.

The use of "there" i/o "their" causes you to wander. Write?

Right, "wonder." Smile

Well, the forum software just deleted my whole message when I hit the space bar. I'd better save after every line...

More examples: "there", "their" and "they're" used interchangeably, "know" for "now", "no" for "know", "bot" for bought", "base" for "bass", "then" for "than", "timber" for "timbre", "mabe" or "maby" for "maybe" (isn't it obvious that "maybe" is shortened from "may be"?).

How about "of" for "have", as in "I would of done it" for "I would've (would have) done it"? Or just throwing "of" in for no reason, as in "I'm not that good of a speller."? Or "off of", instead of just "off"? That's a common one, but not in any kind of quality writing.

There's the very clumsy "If I would of done it" instead of "If I had done it".

"In back of" instead of "behind". Is "behind" a college-level word, not to be used unless you're showing off?

Last but not least, using possessive when you mean plural. It's two La Scalas, not two La Scala's.

Isn't all this basic stuff learned by Grade Six at the latest?

The worst part is that when you read stuff like this all the time, correct spelling and grammar starts to look wrong, because it's becoming the minority style.
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When reading prescriptions you have to be careful to read every letter. There are some generic names that look very similar and have approximately the same dosage. That's why the pharmacist ask you if you know why you are getting this drug. This double checks to be sure that you have the right drug for the right condition.

The only thing close to Viagra is Vigamox. Vigamox is an eye drop. Most of the guys on this forum should be OK unless you just want to make it look bigger.

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