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HDMI distribution amplifier - anyone use them?


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I need to run HDMI from a HD source (such as a BD player, satellite box, or other such thing, but only one at a time) to about 15, 1080p HDTV’s. This is in a commercial setting (but it is my personal pet project!), and there is a mix of TV brands.

Been doing some research and found a bunch of things. Looks like I will need to get 2 boxes, and daisy-chain them (does this work?).

So far, these look promising as the top two:

Gefen EXT-HDMI1.3-1410 ($550 x 2) – looks to be compatible with everything, and gives me 10 outputs vs. 8 on everything else. It is the most expensive, but I think it is also the best.

CE Labs HA8 ($325 x 2) – new model, seems to support everything I need.

Any ideas what is good? This will be used non-stop in a climate-controlled setting, nothing crazy, but certainly not a typical home environment.


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