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sometimes I like all the knobs, buttons, boxes and wires connecting everything all togther and sometimes I hate it; it ammazing to me how good my 40's Bluapunkt tubed single drive rradio can sound compared to rack of equipment driving my Khorns...

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Which home stereo system is best is similar to asking which car is best, which school is best, which house is best, etc...

There are so many criteria used to answer that question, but unfortunately the "best" is more of a conceptual journey than a destination.

My very first questions would be:

  1. Budget?
  2. What do you want to buy? Speakers, receiver (integrated amp, separate amp/preamp), universal/blu-ray/cd player and all necessary cables are a minimum.

Next I'd ask:

  1. What is your room size?
  2. What is your timeline? Are you looking to buy for a system that will last you the next year, 5 years, 10 years, etc...

To put this into perspective, I started with a receiver, then "upgraded" to an integrated amp, and now I have a separate amp, preamp, etc... My initial budget was about $1k. Ten years later my system is worth about $35k and it is far from the "best", but it is the best I could afford and the best synergy between components.

What do I mean by synergy between components? Well, for a *simple and quick* example, my amplifier is a flea powered amp which puts out a whopping 2 watts/channel. I HAVE to use high efficiency speakers (>100) so although there are other speakers I'd like to use (though I love mine) I can't use them b/c they aren't as efficient as the speakers I HAVE to use.

Some pieces are a better match than others. I'm not an expert and maybe my opinion is based on limited knowledge and falling for psychoacoustic babble, but I've swapped out various components over the years and the piece that stayed wasn't always the most expensive or "better" piece. I kept the component that sounded the best for me.

Which is why asking a question like yours is more of a guide than anything else. It would be like asking us which meal would you like to eat and asking us what should you drink. We can only tell you what something is going to do after you let us know what you want. Do you want a sports car, a SUV or a minivan? Sports car? Great, 2 or four doors. Convertible or hard top. Budget? Color preference? Cloth or leather seats? Etc...

Good luck,

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