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Need a sub to replace RT-12D


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I purchased a velodyne 15" that I thought was the cat's meow, until I purchased a new SUNFIRE Signature series. The sunfire is considerably smaller, but man oh man she can shake the house in the HTS. The 2 together are incredible. If I had to do it all over again, I'd go straight to the sunfire.

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Kain, when you get that new sub I would like to see a picture of it when you find time. Thanks

I'm in the shipping week so it should be shipping any day now. I'm not sure how long it will take to get here once it's shipped but don't worry, I'll be posting a review and pictures once I get it.
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I set the Integra to have the followng crossovers:

Fronts 60HZ

Center 80HZ

Surrounds 80HZ

LPF off on the sub

High pass on Receiver 80HZ

I set the sub volume with receiver +3 over volume match of other speakers. Occsionally I turn up volume on sub +3-6 db .

I think I can hear the PR flapping durin intense bass.

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If you were willing to sell the RT-12d, how much would you be asking? ;) I really like mine.

I understand people's tastes are different, but the RT-12d blows away any sub I've heard in person at the big chain stores and even most audiophile shops in my area. If you don't like the RT-12d, I would not buy another sub unless it is local and you can try it out in your home. I live near Chicago and like I said, the RT-12d was the best sub I could find within a reasonable driving distance.

It sounds like you have checked the settings though, so I'd be interested in knowing what gives. I have almost the same set up, but I use an Onkyo 905 (same as the Integra 9.8) with no external amp. I use 83's for the mains, RS-62's for rears and have an RC-64 center. I'm not home now, but I remember most of my settings:

I use audyssey to set up the level and distances only, then I always turn off the EQ when I'm done calibrated as I think it sounds much better without it on for horn speakers.

RF-83's cutoff at 80Hz and bi-amped (I think your Integra can do this).

It makes a lot of sense to cut off speakers at higher than 60Hz unless you have a huge amp. This frees up a lot of power and means your amp has more reserve power for dynamic loads (ie scenes where your speakers are moving in/out really fast).

RC-64 cutoff at 80Hz.

RS-62s: 100Hz cutoff.

RT-12d: Room correction on. Low Pass filter set to LFE (this turns off the subs low pass filter perhaps this is your issue?). Phase angle ~20 degrees (use online calculators to calculate this for you though). DSP is turned to Flat. Sub volume is ~10dB (if you change this, you may want to recalibrate levels using audyssey). I placed the RT-12d in a corner about 1 foot from the walls. My room is about 20x18 feet. Honestly, your setup should sound really nice, I have to think something is wrong.

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