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Incon of Reference Series


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Reference is an older, more established line that gets updated regularly. If you can go for the RF63 or RF83 system, go for it.

If you're in the lower price points, I'd consider the Icons. Same horn technology (just shaped differently), REAL WOOD veneer (I think they should look nice) and the guys really did a nice job engineering the sound. These are relatively recent additions to the catalog, but benefit from the latest and greatest manucturing technologies. I had a full set but had to sell them for lack of space. I did keep the lovely XB-14 bookshelf speakers for my bedroom. I like em but thought the center a bit undersized for a large home theater.

Kind of depends on budget and size of room.


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but can't find anyone in my area that has a demo set up

Where are you from?

but my wife likes the looks of the Icon

Yea, I like the look also. I seen it up close at the Klipsch Pilgrimage last year, I still haven't hear it in a HT setting.

I was thinking about RB 81 for the side

The RS line is used for he side surround, the 4 and 5 of a 7.1, and the RB can be used for the rear surround, the 6 and 7 of 7.1. Just remember that lost important speakers are the front three. You want to stay in the same line so at they timber match, a more seamless transfer for left to right or vise versa.

BTW, how big is the HT room? Do you have a layout that you can put up?


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I am from Houston Texas

My dedicate HT room is quite large ( 20 foot wide by 30 foot long)

I was things of getting the complete RF 83 then adding RB 81 for the side

The Denon 4308CI receiver, and the 2500 Blu-ray with a Samsung 63"

The theater does have a screen installed, but as of now, I have yet to convice the wife to go with a projection setup - she does like the plasma better.

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Looks like Klipsch just redesigned their website. I personally would go with Reference or Heritage. It looks like CECAA850 has a great setup (RF-7's with 325 watts/ch going to them via the QSC amp). If you could swing by to check out his system, I bet it will rock your world!

Icon Series

Reference Series

Heritage Series

Speakers for Large Rooms

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