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Shanling CD-T300 or HTPC for 2 channels?

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Guys/Gals Help me decide.

Here it is, I have a fellow canuck offered to sell me a Shanling CD T300 ($7000 US) tube CD player for $2500 US.

I have read multiple good reviews about this CDP. But the problem is I have never used a CD player as my 2-channel playback. I'm curently using an HTPC based on the Lynx 2B (http://www.lynxstudio.com/product_detail.asp?i=12) audio PCI card. The analog out of the Lynx card is routed to a BAT VK-31SE tube preamp . All audio files are encoded in the FLAC format, and the sound is absolute breath taking.

My Question are:

Should I buy this CD player? Anyone transitions from the HTPC route to an actual CDP?

Has anyone ever witnessed a competition between a really nice CDP set up and a high resolution Computer Audio set up?

Which set up would you rather have if it was going to be delivered to your house tomorrow? the Shanling or the mentioned HTPC (leave cost aside, I'mreferring to sonic performance)?

Can this CD player really outmatch my current HTPC setup? I just don't want to spend $2500 just to find out that it sounds the same as my current HTPC system

The reason I'm asking is I never put my system against a CD based system, I take the HTPC route due to its simplicity and ability to have access to thousands of audio files at my finger tip.

Here is the rest of my systtem

HTPC::Lynx 2B -> BAT VK-31SE (Balanced In/Out) -> Classe CA-400 ->Klipsch Horns

If I decide to buy the T300, it will replace the HTPC::Lynx 2B from the chain

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