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Call of Duty: World at War


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Single player: not as good as COD4, not even close. I went through it twice and was bored the entire second time through.

Multiplayer: I don't play it (I prefer SOCOM's online platform)

Nazi Zombies: AWESOME! I dunno what it is about killing those zombies, but I love it!!

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Good review, my thoughts exactly.

COD 4 was a great game, a little short but none the less a great game.

I didn’t find the graphics or game physics nearly as good as its predecessor, I only finished COD 5 once and found no need to play it again

I never did play this game online, maybe it shines there?

Modern warfare 2 comes out this November; hopefully more effort will be put into it.


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I much prefer Socom for online gaming, except the Nazi Zombi levels as I mentioned earlier. You should try it a couple of times, it's pretty addicting. Send me a friends invite and I'll play w/you sometime. GUNR1

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I'll put my two cents in. I'm a big COD fan. Since the beginning on PC! I always loved the single player for being very cinematic. In todays modern age of gaming I would definitely say that multiplayer is where it shines. With the competitive gaming websites (MLG/Gamebattles), the clans, and all the events associated with it. Now I am a BIG WWII buff so, I am a little bias toward those style of games. Now I'm not saying that Modern Warfare wasn't good, it was VERY good. It pretty much boils down to personal preference. Either way they are both excellent games.

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