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KHorn Polarity


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My first observation is the wiring diagram of the cross overs I've seen show no reversal of polarity for the K-Horn.

It is intersting to note that the path length from the bass driver to the midrange driver in the K-Horn is about one wavelength at the 400 Hz crossover point (both these are around 33 inches). This is to say, there is about a full wavelength of "delay" and no alteration in phase.

On the other hand, in the LaScala, the path is about half a wavelengh. So perhaps the LaScala polarity should be reversed to account for the phase induced by the delay.

Naturally, this doesn't take into account the phase change caused by the drivers and cross overs. Given the number of factors involved I wouldn't want to hazard a guess unit unless I measured things with a dual trace scope.

Before I get jumped on here, I recognize the terms of polarity, phase, and delay, must be used with great precision.



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I have experimented with this on several Heritage models over the years "just to see" if the difference was audible. The answer is yes - the degree depending on the program material. I personally don't hear the difference in the bandwidth of the midrange/tweeter crossover on Klipschorns probably because it is narrow (18db/octave). It is quite apparent to me in the much wider region of woofer/midrange crossover because of the more gradual 6db/octave crossover between these drivers. What you hear is some loss of output in the octave centered around 400 hz.

Interestingly, PWK published a letter to dealers in the mid 1970s stating that after many frequency response measurements of the Heresy, it was decided to reverse the polarity of the midrange and tweeter relative to the woofer in future production runs to improve the frequency response of that model. It instructed dealers to make the change to all Heresys they had in stock at the time as well! I can tell you that on the Heresy, this change is plainly audible, although it is the only Heritage series speaker to have this change done to my knowledge.

Hope that helps-


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