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Billy Mays dead at age 50.

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That Oxy Clean is poison I tells ya.

don't say that I clean my brewing equipment with that and I am 47 lookin 50 right on the eye, I mean c'mon I still haven't got a good recipe for an imperial stout or double IPA worked through yet.[:o]

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It is sad to see Billy gone, even though sometimes I did not want to hear those commercials. I bought the Windy City Slider station and have enjoyed it the few times I have used it. I hope I do not have to hear the Shamwow guy more often, as I always found Billy to be louder, yet less annoying than Slap Chop/Shamwow guy.

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Unlike MJ, I'm truly sad to see Billy gone.

I enjoyed watching Pitchmen on Discovery every week. His commercials may have been annoying,

but the guy sure had a likeable personality and a great sense of humor.

RIP, Billy.

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Has anybody ever seen that "Pitchmen" program on Discovery?

As annoying as I find the guy's commercial. I mean, really! I cannot seem to find that mute button on my pre-amp or the 30-second skip button on my DVR fast enough when one of those comes on. However, I'll have to admit that I was actually taking a liking to the guy after seeing his and 'Sully's antics on that "Pitchmen" program. As shloky as those commercials and products seem to come off, they do seem to actually field test and check that these products do what they actually claim they do. It is not like I am going to run out and buy an Awesome Auger or such, but still kinda cool to see a glimps of the "behind the scenes" with these guys. Now, I'll have to admit that "Oder Away" has me intriqued might come in handy during the winter. Seems my ski boots can get pretty skanky after a hard day's skiing.

It is pretty sad to see him go - especially as suddenly as that.

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