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what tube for RB-5


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i was told that usually the horn design with high sensitivity will get better sound from a tube amplifier(i have denon 3801 now). my RB-5 is 96db. so i also plan to get a tube for it. but really know nothing about the tube. i know RB-5 is not so hifi speaker such as klipschhorn. is it a good idea to upgrade to a tube? any proposals here? how many W is good for RB-5? 10?20?30?

my budget is under 1000. and i prefer a intergrated one.

it was said that you have to change the tubes when it's life ends. so i am not sure whether it is a good idea to buy some second hand tube from ebay? and how long a tube will works?(average)

i know my question maybe is too basic to answer. but anyway thanks in advance.

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We have been beating this subject to death over the last several weeks.

Use the 'search' utility here on the site and search on the words - tube tubes triode superamp jolida ASL

To give good advice we need more info from you:

what speakers do you use

what music do you listen to

how loud do you want it to go

how much are you willing to spend



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I agree with deang's suggestions regarding tube amps do a search on the forums for lots of detailed info. Jolida makes a few nice integrated for not too many $$ as well as Antique Sound Labs, athough another learned board member has recently cautioned about the reliability of some ASL products.

Good luck on your quest!

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