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klf 30 woofer replacement surrounds


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looking for source for these. i have 2 speakers that have surround tears that need rebuilding.

these are the surrounds that are rubber like.

thanks for any tips in advance.


(these are not available from klipsch - however they do have replacement speaker for $122)

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speakerexchange got back to me.

here is what they say.

no speaker manufacturers provide replacement surrounds. its all aftermarket.

no good butyl surrounds are available in the klf 30 size. and even if they were they are difficult to redo.

what is available is polyfoam.

if they have the speaker measurements they can provide polyfoam.

hmm. i wonder if anyone has done there k-31-k's in polyfoam ?


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thats what i'm thinking.

i refoamed some medium size infinity speakers awhile back, it was kinda fun , and i think the sound was not noticeabley changed but i dont think i want to redo these with a different (not butyl but polyfoam) product.

thanks for the observation.


.......hey .. wait a minute - your cat is waaayyyyy bigger than mine. and rudy weighs 20lbs.


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What's the damage on the current surrounds?

If there are splits, you can repair them for cheap... then decide ifyou want to go ahead and spend the money to get replacements. The longer you play them damaged, the quicker they'll get worse.

djk turned me onto Weldbond, a water soluble adhesive. Remove the woofers from the cabinets and lay them face down. If there are splits, you can use cigarette papers or other tissue paper. Thin a little of the Weldbond andput patches on the back sides. Then put some thin ( thin 3:1 or 5:1) coats all the way around the back sides. Then put a couple of thin coats all the way around the front of the surrounds. It dries flexible. I spent an afternoon doing a friend's pair of JBLs, and they ae holding up great. And the sound is good.

Does it change the compliance? Probably... Enough hat you can tell the difference? Probably not. The JBLs we not usable, now they are. It would only cost you around $5 and an afternoon. I put on a coat... did other work while it dried. Put on more... so it goes. Ignore the naysayers!

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marvelous marvel...

what a cool trick. rolling papers. i will have to dig around... but i think i have some JOBES around ;)

well about the actual damage. i got these off of ebay some time ago. owned by a salesman from 'sound advice' store. he had purchased them new. they were located in a near by town so it was to easy to do the deal. he auditioned them for me and they rocked. his wife had 3 cats and he pointed out to me the damage the cats had done to the grills ( got a good deal $800 for the pair and the center... the center was in ex. shape). i looked at the speakers at his place ... they looked ok.

got them home and discovered cats had clawed through the rubber surrounds on one speaker. the seller made it right by me and i got a klipsh replacement. one of the other speakers had about a 2 inch sparation of the surrond , i think that was a weakness in the original assembly. i found a replacement for that on ebay.

so i have these 2 speakers . one with about 10 cat lacerations in the butyl and one with a butyl separation.

looks like it may be worthwhile to try to fix at least one and attempt to salvage the other.

thanks the rolling paper trick idea.



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