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"United Breaks Guitars" Video

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Yeh. It is good.

This week I've read that since the video has gone viral United wants to make it right and pay the man for his destroyed guitar.

Too bad for United they didn't do the right thing at first opportunity. Now they are humiliated before the world.

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I posted the link to a forum of musicians I participate in and plan on telling everyone I know about it. The guy was on the NBC morning show today talking about the problems he had, and said that United had now offered to restore him to wholeness. No telling how much money United Airlines will lose behind this total debacle in customer service. The bad part is that Taylor guitars are as special as Klipsch speakers are, to put things in perspective, so this guy did suffer a grievous loss, even if it was just a guitar. If Bob Taylor built it, it is a work of art. Start looking at how many stars use Taylor as their go-to guitar to gain more insight. Also, this is a testament to the power of a well-written song, and a breath of fresh air in these times of corporate indifference and insensibility. Good for this guy and bad for United Airlines.

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