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My name is Ken from Nashville,TN
I Believe you can give me some ideas.
Recently I just found old organ from our church storage.
I removed pair of Tube amp and three speaker from inside organ.
I used to know some man in town who knows how to rebuild tube audio stuff.
But I can't contact him anymore...
Do you know anyone can clean up and rebuild for tube works? I am trying to use for playing a LP with that unit.
I do own several old tube unit and listen with it my LP's.
I believe Unit moved from Hammond Organ.
Can you give me some help?

I am sorry for my bad english writing.


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Here is another unit from the organ.

I also removed three speaker.

Is this unit(picture) stereo?

When I remove from the organ I cut two speaker wire which connected from this tupe amp.

Also,I realized this is Baldwin organ not Hanmond.


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I had a Baldwin amp rebuilt by Will Vincent. The second pic does look to be one of the old Baldwin specialized "two channel" amps.

It is not a standard stereo amp, but can be modified for that purpose. The amp has one channel for low freq and the other for high frequencies.

The amp would require two matching output transformers to function as a two channel stereo amp. Will Vincent would be a good person to contact if you'd like to have the amp rebuilt as a stereo amp. He is quite reasonable in his prices. He might be able to give you some advice, as well, if you like. He could explain the purpose for the other mono amp as well.

The two tubes you see side by side are the rectifier tubes. I forget what they are for now. The four tubes lined up are 6L6. All in all, this can be a very nice sounding tube amp.

You've found a great project piece. I loved the way my Baldwin amp sounded. It had great bass dynamics.

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wow. I had no idea Baldwin used EV Patrician crossovers. very cool.

Here's a link to one of Will's Baldwin rebuilds on Audiogon.com. There is an email contact link on that page. He's got a couple of Baldwin's on there now. I'd also suggest to click on "other items" to see some of the absolute works of art Will turns out with vintage Dynaco rebuilds.


That 50 year old amp cleans up pretty good, no?


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