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Wright WPA 3.5 2A3 mono-blocks


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are newly listed at AudiogoN-

Wright mono-blocks

Good luck!


2 Channel System:

'78 Khorns w/ALK networks

Welborne Labs Moondog 2A3 amps

AES AE-3 Superpreamp DJH mods

McIntosh MCD 7007 CD

McIntosh MR-78 Tuner

DIYCable Twisted Cross Connects

DIYCable Superlatives (preamp/amp)

DH Labs Silver Pulse interconnects (sources/preamp)



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Ed W., I noticed the edster00 has dismissed the Monarchy from the K-horn presence. How goes the revolution?

Your K-horn comments over time have created a musical thirst deep within... and my proximity to C. C. Poon (never met him but he is only about five minutes away and seems like an interesting guy from the comments here). Although I have been scouring the local market, it seems all the available K-horns rise up east of the Rocky Mountains.

I'd like my music room experience to head in the direction that you have taken and would appreciate any edster directional signs or mile markers in that direction.

My Legend Home Theater was essentially built for others... now I would like to build a music system for me while I can still enjoy it. Thanks for your continuing support of this Forum. cwm15.gif HornEd

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I should try that.

"Sweetheart - you know I built this nice Reference system for you and the kids. Now I think it's time you let me build one for me. It may necessitate getting rid of the furniture, and you and the kids will have to watch T.V. in the kitchen because...well...these K-horns I'm getting are kinda big. Not too bad though - you'll get used to them, and after a while - you might even start to like them. I may even let you set a knick-knack or two on them. Why are you mad? I don't get it! You're so sensitive!"

Actually Horn - I'm aware of your situation at home and I'm only kidding around. But it's tough to feel sorry for a guy that has stacked SVS subs and 3 sets of Legends!

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au contraire!

I will not so easily dismiss the Monarchy's from my stereo system, they serve proudly whenever the tubes are taking a rest for whatever reason.

As mobile so aptly described in his splendid review, the Monarchy SM-70's are not quite as pleasing to listen to as the Moondogs, but (fortunately) I am not able to discern all the negative nuances that mobile refers to.

HE, I have sent you a couple of recent emails concerning the "direction of your music room experience" and information on acquiring the Monarchy's using the edster00 methods, have you received them?

deang, I did just what you describe, built a Reference HT upstairs after my lovely wife refused to let me use my Khorns and Belles for HT upstairs. I then decided to build a second HT in the basement, but when I told her of my plans she said "No way!" "Then you will have the good HT downstairs".

Go figure Smile.gif

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Sorry, Ed, but the last email I received was the general one you sent to those who inquired about your sale. I would appreciate if you would re-send later ones to eddennis@msn.com where I can usually get things even when I am on the road.

I have a high speed link at home but some construction digging damaged the link and things haven't been the same since. I just checked the above email link with my son and everything is go... Sorry, but, as you know sometimes high-tech has low performance!

I am most interested in your opinions. Thanks again. HornEd aka Ed Dennis cwm34.gif

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If I owned the Klipschorn at 104dB, it would not take me too long to decide which option to take between the Monarchy Audio SM-70 and the Wright Sound 3.5 Monoblocks. Although I still think the SM-70 is an excellent solid state amplifier, the Wright Sound 2A3 Monos would take you closer to the music with a far more sublime presentation and a musical quality that the little SM-70 just simply cannot match even though very fine for solid state.

Granted, the Wright Sound amplifiers are not meant for the head banger listening to TOOL...that is, unless mated to something like the Klipschorns. I would imagine that they might get you very close, but would lack the last bit of control to carry to higher wattage solid state. On the other hand, and this is coming from someone with a background in very heavy and distorted electrified racket, I would still opt for the Wright Sound amps.

The Moondogs have more control but the Wright Sounds amps have an amazing midrange.



Phono Linn LP-12 Vahalla / Linn Basic Plus / Sumiko Blue Point

CD Player Rega Planet

Preamp Cary Audio SLP-70 w/Phono Modified

Amplifier Welborne Labs 2A3 Moondog Monoblocks

Cable DIYCable Superlative / Twisted Cross Connect

Speaker 1977 Klipsch Cornwall I w/Alnico & Type B Crossover

system one online / alternate components / Asylum Listing f>s>

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Tool was Cool back in '90, but now they are overated.

'Lateralus' is pretty boring, about 6 plays and that was that.

That's the problem with the commercialized crap that passes off as Rock today.

Now OTOH, Slim Cessna's Auto Club, 'Always say please and thank you'

This is Physcobilly.

It's great!!!

There is always a Alternative.

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Sorry to be off topic, but I'm notorious for that.

Which Tortiose release are you refering to, MH?

I heard about 30 seconds of them on a MP3.

Amazon dumped all the Tortoise MP3's, except one.

Reading up on them, they sound like worth checking out.

Do you remember 'The Swans', and if so, what was your opinion on them.

reply if you want to.

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I keep telling everyone. The Wright Sound 3.5 Monos are the fastest selling amp in Audiogon. IF you EVER see one for around $1000 with tubes like that, ****** it up as it would be like a FREE amp for however long you wanted it (supposing you had the spare $$$), as you could sell the beasts months later for the SAME amount if not more. Too bad no one got it from here to sample the SET route with their higher efficiency options.


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