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Price check RF7 series


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Hey im looking at buying RF7 pair and RC7 center for 1500, and possibly a pair of RS7s for 500. is this a good deal. all are in Excelent 10/10 condition.

Thanks, Luke

Condition is important, but even more so for me is distance. Can I go see them in person, save big $$$ on shipping, and in turn, make sure some shipping idiot doesn't damage my investment.

I have had way to many speakers and subs damaged by shipping, even freight shipping.

I am shipping a single K-Horn to Greg in Maine that I sold to him. Maybe he will post pictures and comments on my packing after he receives it. I try to overkill it because I know how upset I have been when something got messed up. I know he will completely redo this speaker eventually, but when I receive a speaker with a new chip in it, I can't just reveneer it myself, and some compensation check from a shipper never makes up for the ruined expectations and let down of something that is now less then perfect.


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roger is spot on...

location and conveinence of looking over and pick up is important.

meeting the owner and getting a idea of the units history is good too.

saveing the owner the hassle of shipping can mean a good deal allaround.



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I bought my RF 7's recently for 750 in great condition 9/10. I purchased a 9/10 RC 7 for 200 bucks and a pair of 9/10 RS 7 (with one grill missing) for 400.

I still have the RS 7's for sale if interested. price would be 400 plus shipping to a forum member that's been around a while.

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[Y] for the RF-7's. I went in to listen to the RB-61's and ended up listening to the RF-7's. Holy cow. I was hooked. Ended up getting the RF-83's since Klipsch was no longer selling new RF-7's. Amazing, in your face kinda speaker. Very "Live" sound.

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