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have you been to the zu ???

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...screw Zu.

Why are you criticizing Joe's new speakers? What happened to civility? Why don't I understand word play? [A]

I'd love to hear the Zu's. Even more so, I'd like to start a discussion about less expensive coax drivers. Not sure if I dare, though.

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joessportster: never bashed a klipsch speaker in my life unless you count the pair of lascalas i cut the top off of with my circular saw ( come to think of it, i was laughing the whole time, and i thought i heard a faint scream) aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh nothing like the smell of burning birch plywood.......maybe i am a secret basher !!!!!!!! nnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh

my bad, it was a rotary saw..i stand corrected.,...whatever morons

the only moron showing his *** is you......................nothing rotary about a circular / skill saw unless you count the blade spinning which still fails to make it a rotary saw take your silly self to any construction site and ask for a rotary saw ............ then cower away as they laugh you off the property.........

as for your copy and paste of my statement from another thread CAN YOU SAY SARCASIM i know you cant understand it but hell go buy a dictionary and look up the word for some help. maybe then you wont stick your big foot in your loud mouth

still getting a kick outta the grade school vocabulary though "whatever" while you stand there with your little hands in the shape of a W.........why dont you grow up and get a life..................


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