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Pioneer vsx-1019ah-k


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i just bought this receiver, looks nice, has the hd formats i was looking for, sounds good, but doesnt seem to have as much juice compared to my old pioneer which was a 110 wat x 6 so i looked into it more and looked in the manual at the specs looking for wattage the wattage says that it runs continuous at 90 watts per channel its advertised as 120x7 did some research and theres alot of people on forums talking bad about this amp, so i called pioneer asking about the wattage and i told him that it says 90 watt per channel but you guys advertised it 120w per channel all he had to say is that it is a typo in the manual....sounds like a marketing stun to me. now im pissed because i dont know for sure how many watts my new receiver is lol its not comforting at all....was wondering if anyone know anything about this amp its the new top of the line (non elite series) vsx-1019ah-k

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The difference between 90 watts and 120 watts is approximately 1 decibel of output. Don't get too caught up in the watts game, some companies' 75 watt amplifiers will play louder and cleaner than other companies 200 watt amplifiers. Many times it is a marketing stunt as you've described.

What exactly are you experiencing that makes the new receiver seem like it doesn't seem to have as much juice as your old one?

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