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What to buy? RF3s or RF5s or RF7s?


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I think tonights the night, and I become a Klipsch owner! But, my indecision is taking over...

Do I spend up for RF5s or RF7s, or stay with RF3s? Also, I need the center and rears, so stepping up to the RF7s presumably means stepping up to the RC7 from the RC3, and to the RS7s from the RS3s.

Any advice from all you Klipsch "savants" is more appreciated than you would think.

Reply away if you have any "IMHO"...

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"IMHO", go with either the RF-3 or RF-7.

only you can make that decision, but it is not worth it imo to go with the RF-5s, as they have a lot in common with the RF-3s but the price difference is BIG.

if you go with RF-3s, you could potentially use 6 of them for an ideal multichannel setup... RF-3s all around would be good, no? decide whether that would be better than RF-7 plus RC-7 plus RS-7...

oh, and don't forget, RF-3s are only available in "Cheap Black"...



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I went through a simalar situation, had the complete RC-3II package. Wanting more bass, upgraded the mains only to the RF-7s.

For me the RC-3II and the RS-3IIs were not close enough to the output of the RF-7s.

Ended up going back and buying the RC-7 and RS-7s, it was a big expense but worth every cent.

However I could get the RC-3II and RS-3IIs close to the RF-7s for some peoples ears, by going into the receivers menu and reducing the output of the mains and turning up the volume on the center and rear speakers.

If not for this option there would be no chance, zero, of the RF-7's and the RC,RS-3II matching up.

If I would not of had the extra money I would have kept the RC-3II and the RS-3IIs until I could afford to upgrade to the RC-7 and the RS-7s.

I agree, if you spend the money to upgrade I would go ahead and get the big boys, buy RF-7s. You will be happy with them. I'm very happy with mine.

I found out shopping for speakers is hard work. Just because like them, you be the judge.

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