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Rear channel options for KLF30

M6 Driver

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I need some advice... looking to switch out my rears shortly either pick up some KLF20's or 30's or pick up a pair of HeresyII's what would a good choice I'm leaning towards the Heresy's but always open for suggestions

BTW I'm currently operating 8.5's for the rears

Thanks J

Yamaha RX-V995 KLF30's

Sony 32 inch C7

Toshiba SD1600 8.5's

Pioneer PD-M53

Pioneer CLD-S21

Hughes Dish

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I agree with John. Go with the KLF30s for surrounds as well. The surround channels are full range, in other words same as the L & R fronts. I have KLF30s for my mains and my surrounds. Works great for both music and home theatre.



KLF-30 mains

KLF-C7 denter

KLF-30 surrounds

KSP-S6 rear center

KSW200 subwoofer

Denon AVR5800

Pioneer Elite DV-09

Pioneer Elite PD-F19


Denon MD1000

Vidikron Epoch D-600

Vutec 100" 4:3 1.5 gain

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