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Klipsch KP-3002 Internal Crossover Repair (HF inop)


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Hi ,

last night the post about trouble-shooting the 3002's crossover network got me inspired to look at mine.....and I realized,

soon after hitting that same area with solder, that problem resolved, the hi-end still was a bit under-par in one speaker (the one with replaced crossover)

....so....I did some looking into it, to realize that they might have replaced the crossover when actually the diaphragm was simply all that was needed.....

.....PLUS there was an accompanying diaphragm with the sale of the pair of 3002s = so looked online and there was a nice Youtube post

of a gent doing a diaphragm replacement = I followed suit and it works just brilliantly = nice crisp highs again....however, the other side is now appearing a

bit lack-luster in comparison.....perhaps replacing these in pairs is best? would anyone care to comment on that.....I remember when NS10 tweeters or woofers

were being replaced, that a complete pair swap seemed to be the way to go.....also...anyone have an extra diaphragm for a 3002 ?

thanks again for the inpiring posts here guys!

hope you are enjoying 2012 so far!

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