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anybody got TB??


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HP SimpleSave 2TB Desktop Hard Drive


Free Shipping
After Coupon
HP Shopping
posted document.write(datevar996372992)about 10 hours ago

Use HP Shopping coupon code AC3478
during checkout. This 2TB SimpleSave Drive from HP is $199.99 after
coupon savings. The drive features automatic backup software and a 2
year warranty. Shipping is free. (Expires 10/12/09)

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Two external 1TB drives, while the enclosures are relatively no-name, one drive is a WD, the other a Seagate, same part #... go figure. Both are 99% full, the laptop is filled to capacity, the little icon tells me I have only 4.50 gigs left. Time to transfer some more of the movies I have ripped over to the external drives.

Where do I go from here... well a friend that just built a 40 TB server offered me his used D-link DNS 323 drive bay for cheap. I was looking at building a HTPC for running XBMC ( Xbox media center ) ... but I may just push that back some until the solid state storage prices fall, as it's a want... not a need for sure. Currently I have XBMC on the laptop, it has HDMI out, hooked up to the plasma at times, it's decent.

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