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Is WF-35 home theater system a good upgrade?


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I am about to upgrade/replace some old equipment that i have had for around 10 years.

My old equipment consist of: H/K AVR7000, Klipsch SP-1, KSF-C5 and 2 Klipsch speakers for the back.

I have just purchased Yamaha RX-V2065 & Klipsch RS-52. The plan was to keep my front speakers SP-1 and then go for either RC-62 or RC-64.

Is this any good combo?

After some reading at Klipsch site I saw WF-35 home theater system. I liked the design and size of the system. Good WFT :)


My challenge is that i have to travel a far bit if i am to see them, thinking of buying them blind.

The price of the WF-35 home theater system here in Norway is between RF-82 and RF-63, which sutse me fine. I have a hard time finding the XW-500d Subwoofer here though.

The question are then as follow:

Is WF-35 home theater system a good upgrade compare to my old system?

Will it work fine whit the Yamaha RX-V2065? Will i need more power?


What Sub should i take if i cant get hold of the XW-500d Subwoofer here i Norway?

How are WF-35 compare to SP-1? I suspect that i will lose a lot of bass without a Sub.

The room where the system will be is 16ft x13ft ( 5m x 4m, 20m2).

The use of this system will be 70% movie/game console and 30% music

Any other suggestions are welcomed and appreciated.

PS: sorry for my bad English, hope you good people get what i am after :)


Roger Sørvaag

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I think you will fine the sound smoother, and crisp . You will Need to buy the Sub for excellent effects. A good system with a small footprint.

However, as you stated, price wise it is actually cheaper to go with the RF 82. Unless the size of the speakers are a problem.

Overall the WF 35 system has the sleek European look, and fits it better size wise for most situations. It is a good system, but if you can get the Reference system and afford it, this would keep you happy for a long time................

Welcome and Post Pictures with what ever you get !

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I have the same question, I am a newbie buying a home theater system for the first time. I understand that WF-35 is the Icon series, which many on this forum say is below the Reference series. However, models may vary and I see some reference series home theaters selling for less than the WF-35 so I am confused. A dealer in my area is willing to sell a new factory sealed WF-35 system with the specs below for $1950 including shipping and tax so it seems like a nice model to buy. Let me know if you find anything more about it.

  • (2) WF-35 Floorstanding Speakers

  • (1) WC-24 Center Channel Speaker

  • (2) WS-24 Surround Speakers

  • (1) XW-500d Subwoofer
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Yes Budman. All the speakers together (6) new and factory sealed from an authorized dealer are $1950 with tax and shipping. I negotiated a little and he agreed to do it if I pay cash. He also agreed to bring them over in his truck as the boxes are pretty large. He is listed on Klipsch website, and he called me from the listed phone number. I have seen this set online for approx $2500 with free shipping recently.

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i thought the wf-35 towers sounded very clear, they arent as robust sounding as the reference 62's or 82's but thats because of the smaller drivers and their frequency extension isnt as low. They need to be coupled with a subwoofer for sure for the lows but they sound fantastic to me and well worth the money.

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