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Can anyone shed light on this speaker?

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This is the first pair of speakers I've ever bought. They were bought in Bad Axe Michigan and I would guess they were made somewhere in Michigan. I paid about $300 in 1993 and they were a floor model. They have no model number or name, just a s/n on the back. 8" woofer, unique tweeter design.

I haven't been able to find anything online about these speakers. I have a feeling they were made in the Ann Arbor area but nothing to back that up, just a guess.

Manufacturer is Spectrum Audio

Posted Image

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"WHOA!!!" was my first response to that picture. That is easily one of the weirdest speakers I've ever seen. I did some googling, but couldn't find anything even close to that. At the least, the tweeter (to me) looks like a kind of cheapy mylar diaphragm job kinda like these. For 300 bucks I certainly hope they sound at least half decent!!!

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The wires for the tweeter go through the dust cap.

I bought these when I was 16. The place I bought them from was my only option other than Crutchfield, J&R Music world or ABC Warehouse. I cannot remember what else he sold but I do remember he had tube amps and that is what powered them when I bought them. The speakers sounded very good to me. I had a Denon 2-channel amp that drove these for a couple years.

After being stored for 8 years in my parents basement while I was away in the A.F. they were used as garage speakers after I bought a home. Then they were powered by a yamaha reciever. They REALLY sounded good for their purpose, filling a 30' x 50' block garage with sound. These have led a pretty rough life and they show it. As most of you can relate to with these being my first speakers they will always mean something to me.

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Looks like a "modded" version of one of the early Technics front firing Sub Woofers, but that's also just a guess, but don't see too many boxes that small, with that big of a port, unluss they are subs.

The tweeter is mos def a home dun job, as no self respecting company would release that into the world.

That said, if they sound good(to you) or even just because of memories, then they are quite valuable(to you).

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Yeah, we can always count on JB for a laugh...

Anyways, sorry that I couldn't find anything out about those. Just goes to show us that the internet is NOT the be all and end all of knowledge...

Still, if they sound good and have sentimental value, I'll bet they're keepers for sure, regardless of how they look. Heck, I might just have to try makin some speakers like that some day, just for giggles...

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What the heck, here goes nothin Stick out tongue


Very nice that is a little lighter ! [Y]............But we can still see a little ugly..[;)]

It's a close race with the Smirfsacala ! [+o(]

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Spectrum 208a. Look back in Stereophile, I remember them being reviewed quite favorably

Are you sure serious responses are acceptable here? j/k even with that I haven't found anything but I will continue the search. Thank you very much for the response. I figured with their 'unique' design someone would recognize them.

I must admit that I had no idea what the picture of the flashlight was for until it was mentioned by MXR DAD, but I was all over the picture by foley. You guys have wayyyyy to much time on your hands. I'm glad I gave the misfits a chance to entertain themselves Lol

Thanks again guys

Next time I make it back to Michigan I'll take them apart to check out what they used for drivers. Hopefully they weren't Made in China

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