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Can anyone shed light on this speaker?

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This is really cool. Those speakers are awesome. Look at the different responses you got just here in the Forum. I cant vouch for the sound, but that Speaker is absolutely a conversation piece. I would have that above the Fireplace, or in the living Room for all to see. Of course WAF approval rating on this is below 0. I'm not making fun, I really think that you could get some funny conversations and ideas, especially after a few cold ones. I'd hang on to these things just for the conversations it would generate over the years. But if they do sound good, that is having the cake and eating it too. If you want to get rid of em, let me know.

If you cant find it on Google, and no one has really positively identified them yet makes me think they are worthy of more than just being stored away for no one to enjoy. Rather it be visually or audibly, they will get some reactions for sure.

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Anyone remember this game show?


Seriously JB, what purpose do you serve? One b.s. comment is funny (kinda) now you seem a little like a child. I'm betting as long as new posts are made here you will continue with your wise-cracks. Well I guess if you get off by making posts with zero positive input on a discussion then I guess I'm glad I could help you pad your stats.

I sometimes go out of my way to make sure my post has zero input to the subject and just a wise crack. [:P]

This forum has many close friends and for the most part everyone always helps each other and anyone else who wants to join, but were not serious ALL the time, anytime a chance for a wise crack to be sliped in happens someone should jump on it. IMO

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"Spectrum 208a. Look back in Stereophile, I remember them being reviewed quite favorably"

That is not a Spectrum 208a, that was a much bigger box (with the port on the back) and had a Peerless 2" paper cone tweeter (with a later upgrade to a 1-1/2" dome available).

The model shown looks like the $269/pr Spectrum 108A and has an Audax TW51, a very good tweeter above 4Khz or so (and they were more than $3).


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Wow... there really is virtually nothing online about these speakers. Opening up the search a little by omitting the 'a' yielded a lot more hits on Google, but I'm unaware whether the lack of the 'a' makes the search invalid.

Somebody at DIYAudio took a set of 208s apart and posted pics. Need an account there to actually see the pics, but here's a link:


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Hmmm, Audax tweet eh? Mind you, I never said it was a 3 dollar tweet, but that it looked like one. You know what they say about books and covers and all...

Anyways, the thing that I find most cool about this speaker is that apparently Spectrum had other designs similar to that one that they sold as point source speakers...here's a link that only mentions the tweeter arrangement, but still shows that they were out there:


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