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The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody


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I heard an interview with Freddie Mercury and he was asked where in the world would he still like to perform that he hasn't already. he said Russia; but, that they were banned from touring there. he thought the reason was that they were afraid that Queen would "corrupt their youth." Freddie then laughed and said, "of course we would. that is my job, isn't it?"

One of the best songs ever made. If you want a good history of that song, on you tube watch The Story behind Bohemian Rhapsody. It's a six-part show; but, very interesting. i think it was in either part five or part six, that shows all the different walks of life that have used that song--from 100 member choirs to brass orchestras and string quartets. I can't think of another song that reached such a varied audience. A song that will now have an infinite shelf life; but, freddie mercury said of it--(paraphrase) listen to it and move on. that time is gone and i don't care to write about it again. When I heard that, it amazed me. My brother is an artist (painter) and he understood it from an artistic perspective. he said, I paint a great painting; but, i don't want to keep painting the same painting over and over again. i need to do something different to keep myself fresh.

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