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Coupling Caps for Fisher 400 Receiver?


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Has anybody recapped a Fisher 400 before? My bias circuit is fresh and functioning, multi-section caps are original and have reformed to spec. I want to simply replace the coupling caps and those in the phono section. My question is: What type of caps should I use? I have seen some anecdotal evidence that Orange Drops will best keep the original warm sound of this unit, but as this unit is a keeper, I have no problem dropping a little cash on some more exotic caps if any particular type seems to be well suited for this unit. Although putting $100's of dollars woth of caps into this piece would be silly. I have seen paper in oil, various foils in oil or wax, polyester, polypropelene, Auricaps, Sonicaps, and even (I think..) cornflakes in napalm. Uh...Too many choices here. Any experiences? I'd like to keep it sounding a bit warm, but not distant or fuzzy. I'm not trying to impress my frinds with fancy brand names, just want it sound as good as possible. Thanks.

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