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Center Channel Wiring. 3 speaker system


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I plan to use a Heresy as a center channel with 2 Cornwalls.My equipment is 2 channel stereo, NDA 50 w integrated or Yamaha 100w separates with an available pre out .

I would like recommendations on connecting the Heresy without adding another power amp if I can. I was told that PWK would accomplish this by running the positives on the Cornwall to the speaker leads on the Heresy.

Klipsch confirms this but has no experience.They wondered if the amp would be driven to too low an impedance. Any real world experience?

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From my reading, it is correct that PWK did connect the center channel that way in his early studies on the subject.

What we really want in the center is Left plus Right -- and because recording vary, we want to adjust the volume of the center.

The issue with wiring the center speaker across the Left and Right "hot" or plus output is that the center speaker receives a Left minus Right signal. That is just fundamental electricity. The load (speaker) responds to the difference in the voltage at its input terminals. This is consistent to hooking an speaker between an amplifier's plus terminal and a ground or zero volts. The difference between, say, the Right (plus) and zero, is just Right.

PWK went to the trouble of publishing an article that this bridge across the the plus terminals will work. He showed that in two microphone "stereo" recordings of that day, the phase of Left and Right was random, and therefore having a center responding to Left minus Right versust Left plus Right, didn't matter.

This didn't last too long. In later days he went to the three amp mixing circuit in the Dope from Hope or other complicated arrangements using only two amps. These guaranteed that the center gets Left plus Right. This is essentially, again, a mono channel.

One reason for the retreat from the argument that it didn't matter in recordings of the day was that things had changed with recordings -- IMHO. With the use of mixing boards, the recordings had a stong center image of Left plus Right for soloists and also, bass was mixed mono too (that is to say, Left plus Right). In playing back such recordings with bridged Left minus Right, the soloist would disappear rather than be represented in the center channel.

- - - -

IMHO, your better off doing it with the center channel mixer rather than messing around with more complicated schemes. PWK eventually suggested that to all his followers.

It looks like you have four amps and one way or the other you can do it with minimal additional cost.

Wm McD

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