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The "what sub to get" thread


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I know, seems like there is one every day (sorry!) But I'm confused. First my budget was no more than $350. Then I saw another sub which I really wanted and bumped that up to $400, now I got my tax refund and was thinkin' "What am I gonna do with this money?" Then I thought, why not get a better sub Smile.gif

But now that my limit is $500 (MAX!!) I'm stuck on what to get again. I hear a LOT about SVS BUT the cheapest powered SVS is $550 w/o shipping =O

Is it possible to buy the 25-31CS and couple it with a PartsExpress amp? If so, what all would be involved in doing so? This will be my first HT sub and I've never built any in the past.

My current system (and first ever) consists of:

Klipsch Quintets

Klipsch KSC-C1

Pioneer D-509s Reciever

Room Size = 9' x 12'

I don't want something overbearing and just "loud" I want tight, accurate, and punchy. I want to feel the explosions, not just hear them. So what would you guys recommened me doing?

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Buy my ksw-12 for 250.00 cwm1.gif

I would serious look at the Jbl tent sale. 2 15's are going for 216.00 shipped!!!! If you got the space then get 2.


Home Theater:

Yamaha RX-V1000

Klipsch RF-3's


Kenwood KSV64 Bipolar Speakers

Klipsch Subwoofer KSW-12


DVD Player SONY S-360

CD Changer CDC 585 5 Disc Yamaha

Harman Kardon TC-1000

monster cable interconnects/12 gauge speaker wire

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Originally posted by TheEAR:

THere in Canada it comes way under 500USD even with taxes!

Hey ears, I have a brother living in Connecticut, he travels from time to time to Canada. Can you think in a way for him to buy a couple of those PW2200?

Can he ask for them delivered to an hotel, or something like that, and then put both on his minivan to drive to the states? are there any taxes by doing this? any convenience?

hmm... perhaps Im just tired and writing nonsense! ;-) but he will come to Mexico with all his stuff, so I can buy whatever I want for cheap this way... without paying expensive tax down here. ;-)

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HT - There are beginning to be several used SVS subs available, with folks wanting to upgrade to some of the newer, improved models. The original ones are still great. Check out the various sources for used equipment, and see what you find...I picked up a 20-39PC for $450 locally.






My System

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Yes you have to pay some fee when you bring products from Canada to the US.I dont know how much,you would gave to inform yourself about this.

The Paradigm PW2200 is the best deal in Canada,I had a chance last year to get two for $800 USD taxes included!At this price its a giant value any way you look at it.And when you hear the sub bass you'll get you will be amazed.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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jezz, ya guys act like a $600 is cheap :o I guess when you're 16 $600 is a hell of a lot more than it is to you older folk Smile.gif

I see I can get a refub'd SVS 25-31PCi for $465 shipped and I have yet to find that PW2200 online (though I'm still looking) But if it's anything above this, then I'll pass. I can hardly afford the $520, I'll probably have to borrow $50 from my parents or atleast pick up some hours at work....

My friends think I'm an idiot for spending $500+ on a sub. We'll see who's laughing after I get it, mwahahah :D

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You will enjoy your new sub no doubt,and all those who say its wasted money...to hell(in a good way) with them.

I have 10 subs NOW and plan to add two to three more!

Again my subs are...

Aerial SW12

Revel B15

Velodyne HGS-18

Sunfire Signature

Sunfire Mark II

Sunfire Junior

Carver Knight Shadow

Klipsch RSW10(new addition to my collection! Smile.gif )

Klipsch KSW12

Klipsch KSW15

PS all Klipsch subs are on my PC sound system!

On the way(well this year I hope)...

SVS SS(two)

JBL Ti-K sub

I know BASS,and its AWESOME.Scary sometimes but GOOD

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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"Hey TheEAR, How does that KSW-15 stack up against the others?"

Ahhh Ohhh

Not too good.LOL It beats the KSW12 in output and goes a wee bit further down(nothing major).Gets whipped by the RSW10 in quality and hides when the tiny Sunfire Junior shows itself.

For a mid sized sub the KSW15 is a good choice for HT with Synergy or Quintets.

The RSW10 is ideal with my new Totem ROKK speakers,what a match! A winner

Get the KSW12 or 15 if you can find these cheap,on sale they bring some subwoofing to the party.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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Ok so you want to extend the low end of the Cornwalls ,now how much can you spend?

A Sunfire Signature would do the trick and extend the sub bass down to a solid 20Hz.This sub can be found under $1500.

Another choice would be the SVS Ultra with Samson 1000 amp,also around $1500.

Less expensive way would be a CS-Plus with Samson 1000 or Sunfire Mark II.Each under the $1000 mark and plenty of true sub bass output to help the Cornwalls.

And the cheapest worthy way is a Paradigm PW2200,below $600 and has great output.

If you are using a two channel system and dont have any sub out or second line out from the preamp split the preamp outs.Using a Y jack RCA.This is not audiophile grade work but does the trick.This way the signal from the preamp will be sent to the amp and powered sub.

As I dont use HIGH PASS on subs,just low level.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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Originally posted by TheEAR:

The RSW10 is ideal with my new Totem ROKK speakers,what a match! A winner

Nice TheEAR! I didn't know you owned the Rokk. I heard them a while back and thought they were nothing short of excellent, laid back and very musical. Great value too, especially for Canadian buyers. Totem speakers are incredible. Not a single one has disappointed me yet. Vincent Bruzzese is a genius. Smile.gif

Are you using the Rokk for a HT or music system? If HT, what are you using for a center. Totem recommends the Mite Center but I don't see how they will timbre match. They use totally different drivers. Confused.gif

Of course an option would be to spend more and get the Model 1's. Totem makes a matching center for them plus they use Dynaudio bass drivers. And those Dynaudio drivers look pretty slick on top of sounding great. Biggrin.gif But going this route isn't exactly cheap for me. Frown.gif

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