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Awesome Experience- AVATAR 3D !

Bill H.

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I saw this in 3D when it first came out, it wasn't Imax but i thought it was pretty good. I did hate the crowds and I wasn't able to get a prime seat.I picked it up on blu-ray last Friday and I just finished watching it. Wow! This is the most visually stunning movie I recall seeing, there is so much detail that it’s almost overwhelming. I definitely enjoyed this more at home then the theater, I found the 2D to be a lot sharper then the 3D movie experience.Since I don't have a HDMI receiver yet the audio sounded good but not great, so I think a new receiver may be needed. My new center channel is sure paying off though there are tones of great minute sound effects that I know would have been lost with the Quintet center.Sorry for my babble, great movie, worth every penny!
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I know this is going to be amazing on Blu-ray with my system, but I can't believe some of you guys didn't go see this in 3D I'm telling you this is a MUST SEE in 3D. It's amazing...the most spectacular visual experience I have ever seen in my life. I know some of you have kids and you can't take them but trust me, get a babysitter and go see this in 3D while you can!

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FINALLY!!!! I watched Avatar.. was it at IMAX.. No was it in 3D.. No.. Was it on Blu Ray..No .. But did watch it last night as someone lent me the dvd to watch. i thought it was a good movie for sure and can only imagine the visual wow factor at IMAX or on BluRay or 3D..

i know it has taken me a while to see this.. but better late than never i suppose..

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