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The Incredible Cyrus 1!


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I'm always looking for unique pieces of audio gear. Most of the time I am not overly impressed or wowed by mid-fi gear. Well, that changed today! On a whim I bought a little, size wise, British integrated amp, the Mission Cyrus 1. Not having large expectations at all with this shoe box size 25 watt tank of an amp, I hooked it up to La Scala's and was BLOWN AWAY! How so much big sound comes out of this little box is amazing! Crystal clear highs and mids with huge sound stage and depth. The low end was tight and very accurate. Now it, with the LS's, are not going to back the nails out of the walls but the overall sound is nothing short of incredible. Kuddos to the Brits' on this one, I think it's time for a Bass Ale and a rousing chorus of "Rule Britannia!"




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hi, i had the 1 and the 2 and prefered the 1's sweeter tone....i had this hooked up to jbl L26 restored

speakers.....anyway i sold it and move on to other gear and only brought my first pair of klipsch last week

the kg-4 model....fantastic!....now looking for a amp to match.....i have these hooked up to pioneers a-400

and also have a big 100 watt 2ch amp from yamaha.

the pioneer sounds a bit bright for these but on some well recorded stuff it's unbelievible!

the yamaha on the other hand performs rock and pop with power and (((bass))) i do think if i had keeped the

cyrus 1 it was in between these amps ....that sweet detailed tone, would you know if the cyrus 1 and kg-4's and would it be a good match?

thanks!........p.s.great phono stage!

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