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KG-4 Matching

Spider Borland

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Semi Recently I got my first pair of Klipsch speakers. A gently used pair of KG4's off of Craigslist for $250. This moved an old pair of my Dad's JBL's to the rear. (I love having "large" speakers in all 4 corners) I'm pretty satisfied with my Sony receiver and subwoofer, so the last piece of fluff equipment I would like to swap out is this weeny little Sony center channel. I'd love to get a Klipsch Center, but stumbled into the notion of Speaker Matching...

Now, I think I understand that's a matter of matching impedance. I think I read in another thread that the "match" to the KG-4's was the KV-3. However, in the specs I see that the KG-4 has 6 ohms while the KV-3 has 8 ohms.

Is that no big deal, or is there a better match to the KG-4's?

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Actually, another KG-4 would be perfect. I don't know if the passive would be an issue for placement purposes but an exact match across the front cannot be beat.

If you buy another pair, you can use the 2nd as a rear center assuming your receiver is so equipped and if you're anywhere near NYC, I just happen to know where you can find a nice pair on the inexpensive side!

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