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Confused about something in LF10 manual


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I never really looked at it - since i know how to hook subs up

out of sheer boredom i was thumbing through it and found where it said initial volume for setup is 9/10 o'clock position

jeesh - I have to take it to 3 o'clock position before I even hear it coming in to match my RF7's

Does this mean I got one of the bum amps?



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I doubt you have the "bum" amp,the RF-7's need a SVS Ultra class sub or a Aerial to keep up with these monsters.I use four Sunfire subs and even the least powerful Sunfire has more low bass then a LF10!

The RF-7's need BIG subwoofing.

I think your LF-10 is ok,unless you hear air leaks.

TheEAR(s) Now theears

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