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How much wall for khorns


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First, let me say this forum is great. Nice to know there are other Heritage lovers out there. I own a set of Cornwalls and absolutley love them. However I am considering seeking out a pair of K-Horns ,Belles, or Scallas. My question is just how much wall do I need to allow the K-Horns to properly reflect the sound? In one of my corners I have one wall that extends only 38". The other three walls are not a problem. Any suggestions???

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I think the "official" answer is 4'...with the K-horns on the long wall. That being said, I don't have any corners for my K-horns at present. I enclosed the bass bins with ¾" MDF and it sounds just fine to me.

When I am able to properly finish my basement listening room (~15'x22') I will build false corners for the K-horns but they will be placed along the short wall and angled more toward the listening position so they still won't have 4' of wall.


(While I am surely getting "some substantial frequency response abberations", no one has mentioned it to me when listening to my system)


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welcome, can't say I have ever been tempted by Khorns, too much inflexibility in positioning for me, but the question I would ask is, do you have a sub? a powered sub-woofer relieves you of the need for a long wall to throw the deep (<40 Hz.) bass ...


Colin's Music System Cornwall 1s & Klipsch subs; lights out & tubes glowing!

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Some old Klipsch literature I have a copy of shows a 42" minimum, although I too think you could get away with 38". As important as this requirement is, the ability to place the Klipschorns firmly into the corner so that the rear of the speaker is tight against the wall is very critical. If you cannot, you will get some substantial frequency response abberations.


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DVD: McIntosh MVP-831

CD Transport: Bang & Olufsen Beosound 9000

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T.V. : Mitsubishi 55905


Surge Protector: Monster Power HTS-5000

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