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Long time no see, Me haza question


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well we got an old Yamaha Natural sound 2 channel reciever. Realy nice....

I dont know how much power it puts out, we think around 100 watt per channel, but we're realy not sure..........

Well my question is, can I hook up 3 pairs of speakers to it.

One on A switch ( Klipsch Heresys ), Two on B switch ( Pair of Fishers and KLH's for noise factor )


Living Room:

Yamaha Natural Sound A-500 Stereo Amplifier

2 Klipsch Heresys on A switch

My Room:

Klipsch Pro Medias

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DWK - When you hook speakers to the A and B switches, you are usually (with most amps) halving the impedance load on the amp. IOW, if you hook 8 ohm speakers to both A and B, the effective impedance to the amp is 4 ohms. Add a 3rd pair to the mix, and I think it would drop to 2 ohms. That is a pretty low impedance for most amps, and would cause the amp to overheat. I'd suggest you get a speaker switch designed to maintain the impedance to the amp as you add more speakers. It might affect the sound a bit, but probably not noticeably.



My System

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I have a RP-3, that i got on trade, i had 3 subwoofers hooked up to it! Thats right 3!!

2 12inch JBLs and the original 10 inch!

The 10 inch is 4 Ohms so are the 12 inch JBLs so with 3 all in line the impedence on the rp-3 amp was 0 LOL!

The 10 inch didnt quite keep up with the 4 cornwalls, so i installed one 12 inch JBL and made 4 ports on the side (bottom) of the rp-3!

Now my rp-3 isnt worth anything LOL oh well!

Im looking for another sub amp to build another subwoofer with my other 12 inch JBL!

If anyone needs a 10 inch for a rp-3 ill let it go cheap!


The JBL is a car subwoofer, its the clear series, and these go really deep on bass!

At this level the 10 inch was at its maximum movement!

I only need to turn the level up to half on movies, on the 10 inch it was maximum!

Well i was just expierementing, with a good outcome!

Regards Jim

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DD2 is right. Assuming they are all NOMINAL 8 Ohm speakers, when you connect all of them the load would be a NOMINAL 2.67 Ohm load. Nominal means average since the total load will vary based on frequency. It can go up, and it can also go down (even lower than 2.67 Ohms). I wouldn't do this if I were you. Although, you can connect the speakers in series, which would increase the load to a safer nominal impedance. However, doing this would decrease the volume of each speaker. It's probably better not to try this.

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